05 April 2017

Next Projects Awaits!



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Hello everyone. How are you? Hope everything is super fine for you. Its been a while I'm not updating my lovely blog. I just want to do quick update about what happen to me on the previous month, and a little bit of chat. Just so that I'm not forget and reminiscence the good and the bad memories that I've went through. So just enjoy reading my blog channel! :)

hello everyone. Nice to know you. Thank You :)

Actually everything turn out to be very difficult at the beginning of the year, but eventually that struggle become more easier. I've become more stronger and wiser. As I know GOD doesn't tests you with the test you cannot bear, and I am blessed by the things that happened to me. Alhamdulillah, Alla' Kulli Hal.

And off we go!

Like the tagline in this blog, "Every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise" .. So just embrace it, because something good is gonna happen next! Just believe in that okay guys!. I've been using this tagline since my Uni year, and I still don't know why I am using it. It is just only today I'm realize that life is a beautiful struggle. Without difficulty your life will be pretty empty and bland.  Right guys??

Go go girls and guys. Go with the flow..


Let's talk about new projects. Currently I am involving myself with a lot of projects. Projects that will make me busy and release all my stress. It's kind of new hobby that I found. I love do journal book or scrapbook before, when I am in school/uni years, but as I step into career mode, I didn't have much time to do it often. Just currently I found my passion back, and wallah...... I do my journal book again! 

This is absolutely not my journal. Mine is looking similar to this. Much uglier I think. Wee :)

I wanted to show you guys my journal, but at the end I decided not to do so NOW, because it is not complete yet. Sooner or later I will post it out here how my journal look like. For the time being I just want to make sure that my journal will be freaking awesome and make me wonders every single time I read them.. hahaa , wish me luck guys... 

Next projects awaits.

I will be moving to new house soon, and I am all crazy watching DIY home decor videos on YouTube channel.! Seriously I am really excited and can't wait to start decorate my house! So many cute things and I hope I can turn my new house to wonderland. In shaa Allah. Pray for me.. hee..

Isn't it cute guys??? OMG!

I guest this is the end of my update. Hope to talk and blog soon. In case I'm not so busy. hee.. Love what you do, Do what you love..:) Till then guys.

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