24 February 2015



Hi kawan-kawan..

Long time no see.. Don't know what to talk here.. I just want to say hi to all my blog friends..

Currently in Johor Bahru.. Working here, and insyallah settle down here kot. haha.. Don't know what will happen but so far I'm ok here. Life got much more better right now. In a relationship with someone new.. Huishhh... I'm happy here. That's a good sign!

Subhanallah. What I've been through lately is so tremendously good! I can't explain how much I appreciate everything that happen around me. people around me, the environment, the knowledge, challenges. Everything made me more stronger. 

I just totally hope that this year will be a good year for me in my career, (hope to see some promotion insyallah), my relationship (mohon ALLAH mudahkan urusan untuk berumahtangga) and also financial freedom.. 

To my other half, my better half.. Thanks you sayang for always be here with me.. Never give-up on me, and always make me happy.......

I love you! 

p/s: tq sayang.. saya sayang awak!

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