03 July 2012

Pottermore - Harry Potter freak!


Hello deary readers.. Hope you all fine always ya.. Tak mau bebel panjang-panjang la ye.. Straight to the point okay darling.. As you can see on my entry title - Pottermore.. Yup, I am right now addicted to Pottermore because I'm Harry Potter freak! Ahaks..

What the heck is Pottermore ??

Pottermore is a unique online experience from J.K. Rowling, built around the Harry Potter books. It is the place to explore more of the magical world of Harry Potter than ever before and to discover exclusive new content from J.K. Rowling.

Wey... Harry Potter dah basi lah Aieen.. Right now people more to Twilight and Hunger Games la dey.. Why la you so kalut with all the Harry Potter right now ?? Bla bla bla... I don't care what people wanna say about me loving Harry Potter.. It was epic you know..

For your information, I do love Harry Potter so much.. the books and the movies are so adorable.. How I miss the series of the books and the movies.. It was so epic! [did I said it again? Oh gosh]... And I'm also re-reading this series at the moment [Currently I'm on the The Half-Blood Prince..hehe].. 

My favorite books of this series is "The Prisoner of Azkaban" just because it is kinda different from the first two series of the book.. I can say that the third book is much more interesting and the plot become more enjoyable..:) Are you in love with Harry Potter too guys ??

So, back to the title.....

Below is Pottermore's website guys.. And I'm very excited to know more about this whole magic story.. Back to Hogward, have a spells to master and potions to drew... Ahhh... It's really cool ! If you want to duel with me or want to assist your house to win a house cup... Let's battle with me... 

Add me GhostLight2440.. 

Pottermore's website

p/s: See you there guys ...:) 

Sekian, Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca!

2 Respond Chill-lah....:

orenskool said...

pandai giler cakap BI!!

Siti NuruL Ain said...

@orenskool : hey you... in the process of learning lah... need to improve more..but to be sure,, practice make perfect! hehee..:)

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