22 July 2012

Lets do - 30 Day Challenges !

Assalamualaikum lovelies...

I don't know where I got this 30 day challenges tagged because it is so long ago, but only now I have a feeling that I want to do it. Yeah. Why now dear Aieen? Why? Ok, I'm running out of ideas to blog. haha. Actually, I've lot to say, but when it turn to writing style - I'm lost.. 

A little bit guidance will be nice I think.. *smile-with-wink-wink*...

So below are the topics that we need to blog about.. 

Day 01 - Photo of you along with ten facts
Day 02 - How you got your tumblr/blog name
Day 03 - Hometown location and facts
Day 04 - Ten Places you want to visit
Day 05 - Favorite memory from childhood
Day 06 - Five favorite songs
Day 07 - Best job you ever had
Day 08 - Worst job you ever had
Day 09 - Best day of your life
Day 10 - Worst day of your life
Day 11 - A sport you love to watch/play
Day 12 - Anything you want to post about
Day 13 - Favorite season and why
Day 14 - Something you’re addicted to
Day 15 - Re-blog the first thing you see on your dashboard
Day 16 - What did you want to be as a child
Day 17 - Favorite genre of movies
Day 18 - Favorite class/school subject
Day 19 - Random fact about you
Day 20 - Five people you are happy with right now (no names)
Day 21 - Person you can’t live without
Day 22 - Anything you want to post about
Day 23 - Five people you are annoyed with right now (no names)
Day 24 - If you could change your first name, what would you change it to
Day 25 - Favorite stores to buy clothes from
Day 26 - Favorite book
Day 27 - College you are attending or want to attend
Day 28 - Career goals
Day 29 - Ten life goals
Day 30 - Anything you want to post about

Will start the challenge tomorrow after sahur.. Right now mahu tidur dulu..

p/s : have fun ya'll... :)

Sekian, Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca!

2 Respond Chill-lah....:

orenskool said...

Smpai 30?

Siti NuruL Ain said...

@orenskool: hehe..so this month I can update my blog frequently..

and masa puasa sy terisi la sikit kan..? :)

Xnak buat ke awak??

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