24 July 2012

Day 02 - How you got your tumblr/blog name

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Day 02 - How you got your tumblr/blog name

My blog name is Belog Si Nurul Aieen.. The Url of my blog is http://belog-sn-aieen.blogspot.com

Actually, I didn't know why I put "belog" at the front of it, I think maybe because I just want to. 

The "sn" is stand for Siti Nurul which is my first and middle name..:)

"Aieen" is my name.. hehe.. but the gedix one lah.. the real spelling of it is just Ain.

Hye, I'm Si Nurul Aieen..:) 

So that's is how I got my blog's name. They are simply taken form my name..

Oh by the way, I also got tumblr but unfortunately I forgot the password.. LOL..

I think I'm getting old.

p/s : how about yours? till then..babai

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