22 July 2012

Day 01 - Photo of you along with ten facts

| Assalamualaikum lovelies..|

I am ready to start the 30 day challenges and today is the first day.At last I have something to post on my blog and I am happy with it. Hooreey :) Oh! okay right, stop mumbling and here we go :

Day 01 - Photo of you along with ten facts

1. I have challenged myself to read more books nowadays.There a lot of book that I bought but didn’t have time or not in the mood to read *gah*!

2. My favorite color is Purple, but I think right now I am more to Green because it is just the most beautiful thing in the world and it makes me happy.Plus my baju kurung raya this year is Green.Yeehooww.. 
3. Love island so much! Fall in love with the sea, the sand, the beach, the sunset view, Subhanallah.I really love to live in an Island.Malaysia got so many beautiful island and I really wanted to go to Sabah and Pulau Redang.

4. I am just finish my study and right now I am jobless.Will graduate on this coming October 2012.Insyallah and Oh! I am Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) student.You know what,I am very nervous because my practicum’s result will come out on 26 July 2012 at 3 pm.Oh, I am so afraid.. 

5. Very simple person and love simple thing but sometime I can be very complicated.

6. I want to travel all over the world with my best mates.

7. Addicted to online window shopping. Just want to see current fashion but I am not a fashionista. :)

8. Oh I am the only daughter in my family and I am very cute (exaggerate much huh!)
9. When it turn to say something random about myself, I suddenly blank because I don't know how to explain myself to all. Whether I am gonna say about the good side of me or the bad side of me. hurmm...

10. Last but not least, I am proud to be Muslim and I hope that I can be better Muslimah. Ameen.

Finally, I managed to do it. It's so random but awesome..So yeah, that is ten random fact of me. How about you guys?

p/s : Have a nice day ahead :)

Sekian, Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca!

2 Respond Chill-lah....:

orenskool said...

Wow, nk g sabah nant ajak kite ye..

Siti NuruL Ain said...

@orenskool: hehe..actually, I am planning to go there for my dream honeymoon... hehehe...:)

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