20 November 2011

Hello Baby Lips :)

Assalamualaikum peeps...

How are you guys? I'm ok jer..I guess..hee.. If you wanna know, I'm a big fans of lip balm.. I'm going like crazy if I go to drugstore looking the latest lip balm in the market..  (I prefer lip balm because it is cheap and affordable..hee).. Besides, I have chap and dry lips , and it is very annoying sometime because it spoil my overall looks.. 

I've got an experience where my lips suddenly bleeding in my class because it's too dried like zombie!  Seriously and the air-cond menambahkan lagi tahap dehydrated in my body.. And I langsung tak boleh nak senyum , ketawa apa tah lagi... because my lips will bleeding like crazy if I do so.. I really hate it..

So far I've tried a lot of different lip balm but I didn't find something that suit me well until I found BABY LIPS by Maybelline.. Oh my oh my.. I really felt in love with this lip balm.. It's one of the best lip balm that I've ever tried! Let's just ignore the smells/tastes because it is really yummmmmmy... No doubt about it!

Available in 4 nourishing flavours

After I tried this lip balm, I noticed that my lips feel much softer and I didn't have problem spend entire day in air-conditioned surroundings.. The creamy feeling stayed for quite some time, and I didn’t find it sticky, which is good thing for me!.. You see the casing, isn't cute? I feel like I'm bought some baby stuff because the color is awesome and cute! :)

Now I can say good bye to chap lips and say hello to baby lips.. Only one apply, my lips will be moisturize all day long.. So, anybody have dry and chap lips? Try this BABY LIPS.. I'm sure you'll be satisfied with this product...

Yeay.. Healthy lips..Love it!

p/s : No, I'm not the new spokesperson for Maybelline.. Just Hope so.. hehe

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