28 November 2011

Give Up?

Assalamualaikum and Greeting...

I don't know why lately I feel like I'm giving up.. I'm not strong enough!  AWAY.... Ya, I feel like I want to go away from all this mess.. RUN.... Running so hard till the end of track.. Avoid this feeling, go somewhere only me know.. Alone..

No matter how far I run or how long I go, no matter how hard I try to avoid this feeling.. Thing will never be the same.. Problems are not solved.. In fact, it will become something  more worst! LET GO! Ya, I must learn how to let go this feeling, build myself up.. Try to learn from the mistakes.. 

I have to find my own strength.. Built up my self-esteem which is totally doomed right now.. Alhamdulilah, I still have families, friends, super boyfie.. Ya, I have them.. But the best part is.. I have ALLAH.. Thank you  Allah because give this feeling to me.. 

My mother used to say.. "In each test that you received, don't forget to remember ALLAH sayang.. and be grateful to HIM, because ALLAH always LOVE YOU.. And I will be your strength., always stand by your side..because I LOVE YOU TOO.... *Crying* -Mom is the best person in the whole world-

So wake up Ain and realize that honeymoon is over.. 

Face it! Be mature!

p/s; Jangan menyerah..(^_______^)

Sekian, Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca!

4 Respond Chill-lah....:

cik ika said...

ika pun sejak2 ni ce nk give up je..tpi ain..jgn cepat give up k !!

Siti NuruL Ain said...

@cik ika : yes ika..i will try my best.. sometime we need those feelings...huh~ .. hope can get rid of it soon...;)

Ayu Na said...

insyaAllah..dont ever give up..and be confident with your own strength. :)

Siti NuruL Ain said...

@Ayu Na: thanks dear..;)

i will insyallah..;) thank you so much.. i really appreciate it..;)

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