11 March 2011

Nama SITI sedap kan?

Hellow Readers..

three four go...

Siti don’t have no new year
How's she going to play?
She wanna go out
She wanna scream and shout
She feels like a holiday

Siti looks out the window

The sun shines on her face
But the weatherman says
Its going to rain today
Will her night just fade away?

Don’t give up
Oh Siti don’t give up
For there’s many in the fish bowl
Even if it’s not too large

The jury is out on Siti

How she’s going to plead?
She’s crying on the stands
She raising both her hands
But the judge he looks away

70 days to New Year

24 years in age
One more lonely summer
And Siti will be gone away

Don’t give up
Oh Siti don’t give up

By Force Vomit - Siti

Anyone here named Siti? I am Siti..I'm proud of that name because it given by my parents also my grandparents..My nickname at home is Siti..but the pronunciation is only "T" ...no matter lah as long as I love the way they call me..'Siti' adalah nama singkatan bagi "Sayyidati" in arabic which means Puan/Cik..

Actually based on what I have read, "siti" in arabic membawa maksud yang agak kurang sedap...ia membawa maksud "nenek tua"..its quite fun to know about this now..hehe..but for me, nama yang indah itu adalah nama yang diberi oleh ibubapa kita..lagipun semua akan tua suatu hari nanti jika dipanjangkan usia kan? hehehe...senyum wahai siti-siti diluar sana...(T______T)..

So, for those peoples yang bernama 'Siti', including me..just like the lyric of the song..DON'T GIVE UP..!! Just please don't give up on whatever you do.. if you failed, please stands up..fight back!! Learn from the past..start to think positive... this life is so wonderful..so,,appreciate the moments that you have now...wink-wink..;)


p/s ; sila lah dengar lagu tuh..;) ..Siti Nurul Ain, who like this name? I like it so much because it is my name...hehehe~

credit : google

Sekian, Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca!

6 Respond Chill-lah....:

Un Phat Lee said...

go...go..go.hehe *gua cheer sikit tuk lu.hehe

SN Aieen said...

un phat lee : haha..thanks cheer me up bro..

zEri sAfEerA said...

Im Azri Safirah n Im proud. oit,,, tetibe. tehee :D

Taufiq Tiramisu said...

hai nenek tua..hahaha

Siti Nurul Ain said...

zeri safeera : haha..yes your name indah sangat tau...senut pon sedap..hehee~~

Siti Nurul Ain said...

taufiq tiramisu : haha...i'm okay with it..hai ..im siti..hoho~~

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