10 March 2011

Fly Me To The Moon

hellow everyone ! 

1..2..3 go..

Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars
And let me know what love is like
On Jupiter and Mars

In other words hold my hand
In other words, Darling kiss me

And fill my heart with joy
And let me sing forever more
'Cause you are all I've wanted,
All I've worshiped and all I've adored

In other words please be true
In other words, In other words
In other words, 

..Something like that

What I feel today is like the lyric from the song..I am really in a good mood.. I don't know why..maybe because I'm feeling lucky to have peoples around me that always love me, care about me, always give good to advice me..Ohhh!...I'm the luckiest person on earth when I have them! sure...my mom, my dad, my sibling, my sugar, my friends...oh i love them so much..really-really love them...

Nak kata lagu di atas ada kena mengena dengan tuan blog tak jugak.. sebab I am not minah jiwang..hahaa...just I love to hear this song, sang by Jason Marz.. I like Jason Marz.. dah la comel, his songs full of motivation.. I feel macam release sangat kalau dengar suara mamat nie..hehe...

So now my mood is Jason Marz song....addicted!

Oh I like this guy

So I think malam nie nak dengar lagu Jason Marz sampai pagi.. Bella Luna is in my playlist right now...until sleep I will layan~

My Playlist Tonight ;

Bella Luna
Try Try Try
Life is Wonderful
Make It Mine
You & I both
I'm Yours
Sleep All Day

p/s ; When your heart is pure, and your mind is clear, your soul will devout..:)

Sekian, Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca!

2 Respond Chill-lah....:

Anonymous said...

love that Jason Marz too..

he so cute and hensome kan?
remind me of one man in my life..

go go go Mr. Marz...

SN Aieen said...

yes cik anon!

sape la agaknye that mysterious guy tu ek?

kalu cam gitu...sentiasalah dengar Mr.Marz nie nyanyi..hehe

*walaupun tak state name and face~!

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