24 November 2010

:: Wish You Good Luck !! ::

:: salam all ::

I just wanna wish all my friends good luck for their exam!

Wish me good luck too okay..

My exam will start on 27/11/2010..
The first paper is Financial Management II..

Next 28/11/2010..
Production and Operation Management..
Huh! Tough !

The 3rd paper will be on 30/11/2010..
I really have a hard week!

and then I can rest until 4/12/2010..
but the next day...

(5/12/2010) is my Management Information Systems exam!
 I can't rest too long because ..

on 6/12/2010..
Paper Human Resource Management will take part!

Seem that I really-really have to struggle hard!! How to overcome this laziness feeling huh? I need some tips... Anyone?? I can't wait to shout this word.. MERDEKA !!  hehee... Wish me luck okayy!! 

love exam..ngee..;)

Sekian, Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca!

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