05 March 2010


this is the first time i wrote something through my blog. felling very excited and curious about this stuff.Firstly i like to thank to ALLAH s.w.t because give me the opportunity to write in this column. thanks to my family who always support me in everything that i am doing. without them i fell so lonely. not forgotten to my beloved bOo that always care about me, and love me so much (love you too). my friends who always make me smile and happy and also with all the blogger that inspired me to wrote in the blog.
this blog is created just to share knowledge and ideas, to view my thought and to sharpened my writing and communication skills. this blog also as my appreciation to all the best thing that happens in my daily life.
love Allah..
love Muhammad s.a.w..
love my life..
love my family..
love my boo..
love my friends..
love myself...
thanks for reading..
jom ber ngotngetz??
Sekian, Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca!

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